I close my safe door it will not lock back

I close my safe door it will not lock back.

The battery(s) in your keypad could be low. This could be an indication that the lock has an electronic short. There could have been damage to the lock’s ribbon cable during installation. This may be a problem with the keypad. The safe boltwork may be blocking the lock bolt from extending.

1. Replace your battery(s) with Fresh 9 volt alkaline (Duracell batteries are recommended.
2. Lock the door open.
3. Enter a valid code 25-30 times.
The lock bolt should eventually extend.
Inspect the ribbon cable. If there are any hard bends or crimping, please straighten them out. Unplug the cable from the keypad then plug it back in. Run your code.
If a malfunction is suspected in the keypad, replace the keypad and re-try.
If a boltwork issue is suspected, the boltwork may need to be adjusted.

NOTE: If the ribbon cable has been damaged beyond repair, the lock will have to be replaced. Please contact your safe manufacturer for all information relating to warranty and repair. If you are unable to get the lock bolt to extend the lock will need to be replaced.

Applicable to:
Sargent & Greenleaf 6120, 6123, Z02 Locks