Sargent & Greenleaf 6120 Walk Back Procedure

This procedure is used to retract the bolt when there is too much side pressure on the lock bolt or when other factors may prevent full bolt retraction. It involves repetitive retractions of the bolt without allowing it to extend again.

The first step is to make sure the safe bolt work is not binding on the lock bolt. This is accomplished by insuring that the handle is in the fully locked position. If there is any travel in the handle, place the handle in the middle of the travel and enter a valid code into the lock. This action alone may be enough to allow the lock to open.

The second step is to replace the battery or batteries with a fresh set of nine-volt alkaline batteries (“Extra Heavy Duty” batteries are not alkaline and will not work). S&G recommends Duracell® brand batteries. Fresh batteries will often supply the extra power necessary to open a lock which is experiencing bolt side pressure.

If neither one of the above procedures works, perform the following steps:

A) Remove the keypad from the door, but keep it plugged in to the lock (2-battery keypad only).

B) Enter a valid code, making sure the safe handle is in the fully locked position.

C) After you hear the motor finish its initial run (but before it extends the bolt again), unplug the wire connector from the underside of the keypad, or remove the battery compartment if you are using a 1-battery keypad.