LCN Closers Manual | LCN Door Operator Manual

LCN Closers Manual For Surface Mounted Closers – LCN 1000 Series Closer Manual | LCN 4000 Series Closer Manual

LCN Surface Mounted Closers Manuals | LCN Closers Manual

  • Attaches directly to the door and/or frame for ease of installation
  • Delivers solutions for virtually any application with a broad portfolio and expert support
  • Features an industry leading line of cast iron closers known for durability

LCN Overhead Concealed Closers Manuals | LCN Closers Manual

  • Concealed in the door or frame for aesthetically driven applications
  • Meets desired aesthetic without compromising strength and performance
  • Features heavy duty construction and smooth, quiet operation

LCN Fire And Life Safety Closers Manuals | LCN Closers Manual

  • Hold open solutions for fire rated doors
  • Incorporate trusted LCN design elements such as the 4000 series cylinder
  • Features broad portfolio with single point, multi-point and tri-volt magnet offerings

LCN High Security Closers Manuals | LCN Closers Manual

  • Designed to minimize tampering or vandalism with specialty components
  • Provides solutions for vandal prone applications such as correctional facilities
  • Features specialty fasteners and a metal cover

LCN Auto Operator Manuals | LCN Closers Manual

  • Low energy electromechanical and electrohydraulic swing operators for accessibility
  • Ideal for facilities wishing to service in-house, AADM certified technicians not required
  • Features solutions that are ANSI and UL certified