Active Infrared Request to Exit Sensor

The Command Access CAT-AIR is a field-installable Request to Exit Sensor with Active Infrared Detection (AIR) that focuses directly in front of the door handle.


CAT AIR REX Cutsheet

Installation Manual

CAT AIR REX Installation Instruction

Wall Mountable Remote Buzzer

The CAT-RB1 and CAT-RB1NS by Command Access are wall mountable remote buzzers that allow for audible notification at the door opening. handle.

Installation Manual

CAT-RB1 REX Installation Instruction

Current Reduction Module

The CRU2 is a current reduction module that is designed to work with low current DC voltage electric locking devices such as cylindrical locks, mortise locks, panic trim or strikes that are being used in a ‘fail safe’ or ‘unlock cycle’ condition.


CRU2 Cutsheet

Installation Manual

CRU2 Installation Instruction

The DTC Series Desk Top Consoles by Command Access offer configurations to control 1 to 4 zones

The DTC Series Desk Top Consoles by Command Access offer configurations to control 1 to 4 zones. Ideal for scenarios when you’d like to override existing schedule for special events.

Installation Manual

DTC Series Installation Instruction

Independent Recessed Door Contacts

The Command Access IDPS is a field-installable Independent Door Position Sensor. This adjustable switch is designed for hollow metal, FRP and wood doors and frames.


IDPS Series Cutsheet

Installation Manual

IDPS Series I Installation Instruction

IDPS Series II Installation Instruction

IDPSC-I Series Installation Instruction

Power Booster Module

The patented PM300 (taking over from all PM200 and PWM200 units) power booster module is an interface module that connects between the solenoid circuit of a latch-pullback exit device and the power supply.


PM300/D Cutsheet

PM300 PS Matrix Cutsheet

Installation Manual

PM300/D Installation Instruction

PM300AC/ACD Installation Instruction

The POD (Power-On Delay) Module is an in-line delay module for cost-effective delay activation of any electrified locking products

The POD (Power-On Delay) Module is an in-line delay module for cost-effective delay activation of any electrified locking products. Ideal for latch retraction vestibule situations, sequencing, or time delays. Also, it helps installers in a pinch with a double door scenario where 1 set of 18ga is split above the door, causing one leaf not to retract properly. The potentiometer allows for a .30-5 second delay.


POD Module Cutsheet

Installation Manual

POD Module Installation Instruction

Command Access Field Installable Switch kits provide you with the flexibility of adding monitoring switches in the field. Whether it’s a new order or a last-minute addition, we’ve got you covered!

Installation Manual

Command ML1- CATREXKIT-ML Installation Instruction

Command ML1- CATBMKIT-ML Installation Instruction

SCHLAGE L9000- SCHREXKIT-ML Installation Instruction

SCHLAGE L9000- SCHREXKIT-FE-ML Installation Instruction

SCHLAGE L9000- SCHLBMKIT-ML Installation Instruction

SCHLAGE L9000- SCHLCMKIT-ML Installation Instruction

SCHLAGE L8200- SGTREXKIT-ML Installation Instruction

SCHLAGE L8200- SGTLCMKIT-ML Installation Instruction

Command CL1- CATREXKIT-CL Installation Instruction

SCHLAGE ND SCHREXKIT-CL Installation Instruction

VON DUPRIN 996L-VDREEKIT-ET Installation Instruction

COMMAND ET25/26-CATREEKIT-ET Installation Instruction

SARGENT713-SGTREEKIT-ET Installation Instruction

ADAMS RITE 8000-ARREXKIT-ED Installation Instruction

ADAMS RITE 8000-ARREXKIT2-ED Installation Instruction

CAL ROYAL 22 RIM-CALLBMKIT22-ED Installation Instruction

COMMAND PD15/16 JACKSON 1285/95, KAWNEER 1686/1876-PD15REXKIT-ED Installation Instruction

COMMAND PD25/26 & CAL ROYAL 77-PD25REXKIT Installation Instruction

COMMAND PD25/26 & CAL ROYAL 77-PD25LBMKIT-ED Installation Instruction

CORBIN 4/5000 & YALE 7000-CYREXKIT-ED Installation Instruction

PHILADELPHIA9000, PHOENIX 66, TELL 9500 & TOWNSTEEL ED97-ED1REXKIT-ED Installation Instruction

TOWNSTEEL 1000, LSDA 9200, USCAN 2100-ED2REXKIT-ED Installation Instruction

DORMA 9000-DORREXKIT-ED Installation Instruction

HAGER 4500, PDQ6200, LAWRENCE RIM-HAGLBM-ED Installation Instruction

VON DUPRIN 33/35& 98/99-VDREXKIT-ED Installation Instruction

VON DUPRIN 33/35& 98/99-VDLBMKIT-ED Installation Instruction

SARGNET 80 & CAL ROYAL 22/98-CRSREXKIT-ED Installation Instruction

The Touchless Actuator is a double gang touches actuator with an LED ring

 The Command Access Touchless Actuator is a double gang wave actuator with an LED ring for easy visual signaling. It comes with a unique mechanical fail-safe actuator for lost power. Eliminate the spread of germs through was of wave activation. Everyday use on ADA openings or specialty applications with the push-to-lock actuator is ideal for single-occupancy privacy restroom applications.  


Touchless Actuator Series Cutsheet

Installation Manual

Touchless Actuator Series Installation Instruction

Illuminated Activation Device

The Command Access Touchless Switch is a hard wired, illuminated activation device that can be used for handicap access, automatic operator activation and Request-to-Exit applications.

Installation Manual

Touchless Switch Installation Instruction

Voltage Converter Module

The VC series is a voltage converter that takes incoming voltage, steps it down & supplies consistent voltage at either 24V or 12V, depending on the unit selected. It’s a great addition to the installer’s bag of tricks, giving them a simple solution for creating a 12VDC power channel for a locking device or accessory!


VC Series Cutsheet

Installation Manual

VC Series Installation Instruction